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The Slovak PPP Association has prepared two information brochures about public-private partnerships, with the aim to inform about the process of preparation and realization of PPP projects. The first brochure Public-private partnerships includes basic information about PPP projects and the second brochure Case studies of PPP projects includes information about real PPP projects in typical areas, in which PPPs are implemented.

If you would like to receive a printed copy, please e-mail at office@asociaciappp.sk.

Informačná brožúra I.
The brochure (in Slovak) includes this information:
1. Introduction
2. What is PPP?
3. Why PPP?
4. Areas and types of projects suited for PPP
5. Process of a PPP project
6. Legal aspects of PPPs
7. Financing PPPs
8. PPP dictionary
9. About the Slovak PPP Association
10. About the authors

Informačná brožúra II.
Case studies of PPP projects

The brochure includes case studies of PPP projects from typical areas:

1. Transport infrastructure (highways, municipal roads, trams, parking, train stations, metro)
2. Public buildings (healthcare, education, sport, defence)
3. Environment (drinking water, waste treatment), energy (water power plant), technical services (street lighting)

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