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The Slovak Public-Private Partnership Association („The PPP Association“) was founded as a non-profit organization by a number of private companies at the end of 2007 under the terms stipulated by the Act No. 83/1990 Coll. on Association of Citizens (for more information, please, see the Statutes section here).

Members of the PPP Association are interested in the topic of PPP and many have vast experience with the implementation of PPP projects. Members include law firms, financial, development, consulting, construction and technological companies (for more information on our members, please click here).

The organizational structure of the PPP is as follows (for more information, please see the Steering committee, Office and Workgroups sections):

The main objective of the PPP Association is the support and development of PPP projects within the Slovak Republic, including a related increase in the general awareness about PPP projects, their specifics and various possibilities of their utilization for the provision of public needs. The PPP Association strives to act as a professional partner in all areas related to PPP, and in cooperation with the public sector contribute to the creation of a high-quality legislative and regulatory framework, designed to establish favorable conditions for the implementation of various types of PPP projects. With respect to far-reaching experience with PPP projects abroad, the PPP Association aims to inform about best practice cases in the field of PPP. The Association focuses on educational activities for the private and public sectors in the PPP area. Furthermore, the PPP Association provides a platform for the exchanging of experience and ideas among companies working in the area of PPP.

The specific goals of the PPP Association are the following:

  • to be a professional partner for the public sector in all matters related to PPP (i.e. especially for the Slovak government and parliament, the ministries, the HTU’s, towns and villages)

  • in the form of proposals, suggestions and opinions contribute to the formation of a legislative and regulatory framework for PPP, thus creating favorable conditions (legislative, technical, etc.) for the implementation of various types of PPP projects

  • promote PPP as one of the options for the provision of public needs

  • educate the private and public sectors in the area of the PPP via organization of seminars, trainings, publishing and other projects and activities

  • collect experience and best case practices using PPP in Slovakia and abroad

  • within international contacts with partnering organizations open possibilities for the increase of quality of the PPP process and increase the acceptance of Slovakia in the PPP field

  • support the implementation of best case practices within PPP tenders in Slovakia

  • upon their consent provide information about the activities of PPP members

There are currently five workgroups active within the Association, in the following fields: legislation, methodology, PR and marketing, transportation and technical infrastructure, and healthcare (for more information, please see the Workgroups section). Workgroups focus on the implementation of Association’s objectives in specific areas. For more information click here.

Through the webpage, the PPP Association will provide information about interesting news in the area of PPP in Slovakia and abroad, about the current activities of the PPP Association, as well as about important PPP events. The webpage should server as a complex source of information about PPP for everyone interested in the topic of PPP (members of the PPP Association, the public and private sectors, students, media, etc.) and as a communication tool with its membership base.

The PPP Association is also publishing the quarterly PPP Newsletter (in Slovak language). For more information and previous issues of the PPP Newsletter, please click here.

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Members of the PPP Association